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Admission in Progress


    Mumford Institute of Technology (MIT) is affiliated with Regional Maritime University and admission is on-going. 

    Admission for the Professional Engineering Program for 2019 / 2020 is in Progress.  Apply Now!

    Main stream admissions for our Degree Programs starts from 2019 / 2020 session. Don't miss it!


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Message from the president

  • Welcome to Mumford Institute of Technology. People from all walks of life and all parts of the world have heard of us and we are delighted that via this website you are joining that long tradition.Mumford is among the top Universities offering Practical Engineering Courses to students. Our aim is to remain at the forefront of centres of learning, teaching, research and practical. Mumford’s remarkable global appeal continues to grow.

    Mumford is also a distinctive college and tutorial system which underpins a culture of close academic supervision and careful personal support for our outstanding students. Our colleges and halls also help to foster the intense interdisciplinary approach that inspires much of the outstanding research achievement of the University and makes Mumford a leader in the Engineering fields.

    It is an approach especially suited to confronting many of the hugely complex challenges that face us all. That is why we believe that the greater we can make Mumford, the greater its contribution to the well-being of the world you and I share. Mumford Institute of Technology is a private non-discriminatory Institution and has a policy of national, political, and religious pluralism. The University offers equal opportunity to all students.

    We enroll students from all countries and encourage students to practice their individual religious persuasions.


Our office is located at Adenta on Aburi Road.

Telephone number: 0277 600716 / 0233 068 717 / 0243 068 713

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