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GlobalCode Limited was incorporated in the UK in May 2002 and under the laws of Ghana as GlobalCode Technologies Limited in June 2009. To provide a solution to the growing need for qualified Artisans, Technicians and professionals for the fast growing industries and businesses in Ghana and Africa as a whole. To render, training, consultancy, resourcing and technical services to the industry as well as to partake in the provision of general services in the country. This will be done by churning the best in human intelligence with technology, to support industries, businesses and services providers.

GTL's services primarily focuses on industrial and In-service training to fill-in the missing technical skills for self employment, industries and the services sector. Our objective is to deliver excellent services to support businesses with outstanding customer focus. Other services includes resourcing, consultancy, ICT, engineering and general services.


Our office is located at Adenta on Aburi Road.

Telephone number: 0277 600716 / 0233 068 717 / 0243 068 713

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