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Computer Engineering

General Information

Mumford Institute of Technology offers the following Undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering: B. Eng. (Comp. Eng.)

Programs and Objectives
Opportunities in Computer Engineering abound due to ever-increasing use of computers in the world. Computer Engineering is concerned with Computer Systems design and information processing. It is a rapidly changing discipline encompassing computational systems and substantial communications networks, such as those used in the information superhighway.

Graduates in this field can enter high technology workforce, and make significant contributions to computer engineering through research, design and development of a wide range of embedded systems and system-on-chip applications. They can further the country’s economic growth by developing innovative ideas, and translate them into products that benefit society. They can also function as team members and leaders in multidisciplinary environments.

Computer engineering department encourage students with solid preparation in mathematics and the sciences. To prepare its graduates to compete in a fast-changing technological environment, the department has prepared a curriculum with a strong core of required courses in mathematics physical sciences, and engineering science. In addition, students have considerable freedom to choose electives in these and other areas of study.

The school has well equipped laboratory where students reinforce what is learned in the lecture halls with hands-on practical training. Hence, our graduates are industry ready and are prepared to face the challenges in industry.

Computer Engineering concentrations has two tracks; that is Networks and Circuits/Electronics.

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