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Computer Scientists are the designers of the software that runs on any computer based intelligent system. Computer scientists have revolutionized modern society  and they are the creators of the software that has driven telecommunication industries and virtually all computer based machinery in our offices and homes. As a result of this revolution, professionals in computer science are essential in diverse new areas, including financial institutions, computer networks, Internet based industries, health industries, medical research laboratories and other areas where information manipulation is important.

Computer Scientists work with Engineers and it is a vibrant field. They are needed in virtually all industries.

The profession continue to evolve at an astonishing speed. As new technologies are introduced, old ones become obsolete in a short space of time. The discipline is evolving rapidly and more computer scientists are needed constantly.

Computer Science

Pre-Engineering Courses

Math 70 Elementary Algebra (0 cr). Review of arithmetic, algebraic expressions, Linear equations, monomial fractions, graphing lines, polynomials, verbal problems.

Math 80 Fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry (0 cr.). Linear equations and graphs, functions, the point-slope equation, linear in qualities, polynomial functions, rational expressions, radicals, quadratic equations, sequences, series, and the binomial theorem. Prereq. Math70

Math 90 Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry (0 cr.). Rational expressions, rational exponents and radicals, conic sections and systems of equations, binomial theorem, introduction to trigonometry. Prereq. Math 80

Math 100 Pre-Calculus (0cr) Intervals, inequalities, introduction to functions, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and formulas Prereq. Math 90

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