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Mechanical Engineering

General Information

Mumford Institute of Technology offers the following Undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering: B.E. (M. E)

Programs and Objectives

Mechanical Engineering is a versatile and broad profession. Mechanical Engineering deal with a wide range of topics ranging from Fluid Dynamics, Robotics and Mechatronics, Solid mechanics, Thermal Sciences, Computer Hardware , Transportation Vehicles, Manufacturing, Assembly lines, Pollution Control, Bio-mechanics, Medical Instruments, and Heating, ventilating and air conditioning.

Our program is carefully designed to meet industry’s criteria for successful engineers. Our program follows the guide lines of (ABET) Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology of U.S.A. It stresses fundamentals as well as practice. It emphasizes creative thinking and problem solving. It emphasizes written and oral communication, team work, design, time management, and computer utilization and communication through graphics. Our objective is education for career-long learning, that give students the educational tools which enable them to deal with challenging advancing technologies.

Undergraduates are trained in fundamental principles of systems involving fluid flows, ranging from demonstrating Bernuilli’s principle to assessing the lift and drag characteristics are examined in undergraduate curriculum. The school has well equipped laboratory where students reinforce what is learned in the lecture halls with hands-on practical training. Hence, our graduates are industry ready and are prepared to face the challenges in industry.

Declaration of Major

Students in the four-year Bachelor of Engineering program can declare their major after the first year, or they can declare their major at the time of Admission. All engineering major require hundred and forty one credits to graduate.

Four – Year Engineering


Pre-Engineering Courses

Math 70 Elementary Algebra (0 cr). Review of arithmetic, algebraic expressions, Linear equations, monomial fractions, graphing lines, polynomials, verbal problems.

Math 80 Fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry (0 cr.). Linear equations and graphs, functions, the point-slope equation, linear in qualities, polynomial functions, rational expressions, radicals, quadratic equations, sequences, series, and the binomial theorem. Prereq. Math70

Math 90 Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry (0 cr.). Rational expressions, rational exponents and radicals, conic sections and systems of equations, binomial theorem, introduction to trigonometry. Prereq. Math 80

Math 100 Pre-Calculus (0cr) Intervals, inequalities, introduction to functions, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and formulas Prereq. Math 90

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