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Civil engineering

General Information

Mumford Institute of Technology offers the following Undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering

B.Eng. (C. E.)

Programs and Objectives

Declaration of Major

Students in the four-year Bachelor of Engineering program can declare their major after the first year, or they can declare their major at the time of Admission. All engineering major require hundred and forty one credits to graduate.

Four – Year Civil Engineering



Pre-Engineering Courses

Biology 90          Introduction to Biology                            ( 0 cr.)

The strategy of life: The basic properties of living systems with emphasis on human beings as functioning biological entities. Prereq.     Math 80

English                University Skills 1                                                  ( 0 cr.)

This course is designed to prepare the students for successful performance in university courses. Assignment to this course is based on the level of competence indicated by the student’s high school English record.

English                University Skills 2                                                  ( 0 cr.)

Evaluation of individual reading and study skills in English. Instruction and practice is based on individual basic reading comprehension, vocabulary, and study skills to university content areas.

Chemistry 90      Introduction to Chemistry                                               ( 0 cr.)

The fundamental principles of chemistry and their applications to social issues. Problem solving in chemistry.                                     Prereq. Math  80, Coreq. Math 90

Math 70              Elementary Algebra                                                          (0 cr)

Review of arithmetic, algebraic expressions, Linear equations, monomial fractions, graphing lines, polynomials, verbal problems.

Math 80              Fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry                        (0 cr.)

Linear equations and graphs, functions, the point-slope equation, linear in qualities, polynomial functions, rational expressions, radicals, quadratic equations, sequences, series, and the binomial theorem. Prereq. Math70

Math 90              Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry                        (0 cr.)

Rational expressions, rational exponents and radicals, conic sections and systems of equations, binomial theorem, introduction to trigonometry. Prereq. Math 80.

Physics 100         Introductory Physics                                             (0 cr.)

This course is with two themes:

1. How nature works the interplay of space, time, matter, and energy;

2. Structures are born, live out their life cycles, and die. These include us, the stars, and perhaps the universe. This theme may be called scientific story of genesis. Prereq. Math 80, Coreq. Math 90


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