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Mumford Institute of Technology offers Engineering Science Diploma.

Engineering Science Diploma is a two-year University Curriculum designed to prepare the students with keen interest in Engineering and provides them thorough preparation in mathematics, physical sciences and the arts.  This curriculum will equip the graduate with the confidence to pursue any of the Engineering specialization of his or her choice.


Engineering Science Diploma

The Engineering Science program is a general science curriculum that assures that graduates have the requisite skills and knowledge in reading, writing, and communication that are necessary to function effectively in Science and Engineering environment. Graduates in this program may continue to earn University baccalaureate degree in any of the engineering fields in another two or more years.  73 credits are required to earn the Engineering Science Diploma.

Program Objectives:

Within two or more years after graduation:

·    Students in Engineering Science program are expected to be graduates of a four-year baccalaureate University program in Engineering or pursuing additional formal education

·       Gainfully employed in Engineering and attaining increasing levels of responsibility in their      chosen career

·    Must be respectful of cultural diversity  and must be practicing professional and in ethical responsible  manner.


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