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Mumford Institute of Technology offers Undergraduate degree in Mechatronics Engineering: B. Eng. 

B.Eng. (Mechatronics. E)


Programs and Objectives

Mechatronics Engineering is a combination of Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical, Computer Engineering, Computer Science.   It is a synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics, robotics and spectrum of knowledge from allied engineering fields. This field focuses on precision electromechanical machine control systems. Control is achieved through the marriage of mechanical devices and modern control systems using microprocessors, actuators, sensors and spectrum of electronic devices. A few examples of computer-controlled devices are robots, elevators, hybrid automobiles, garage door openers and alternate power generating systems, autonomous aerospace vehicles, and automobile engine fuel systems.

Through Mechatronics Engineering, engineers device new avenues of thinking to design and improve existing systems to enhance the performance, utility, and efficiency  of machinery and sophisticated mechanical systems. 



The vision of department of Mechatronics is to become the best Mechatronics Department in the sub-region through the establishment of the state-of the art Research center and education environment that will impact and produce excellent productive graduates.



The mission of the department of Mechatronics is to conduct leading edge research and prepare graduates who can apply the state of the art technologies to develop intelligent machines, and actively engage themselves in industrial research and development to uplift the image of their countries.

Our program is carefully designed to meet industry’s criteria for successful engineers. Our program follows the guide lines of (ABET) Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology of U.S.A.  It stresses fundamentals as well as practice. It emphasizes critical thinking skills and problem solving.  It emphasizes written and oral communication, integrated team work skills, design, time management, and computer utilization and communication through graphics. Our objective is education for career-long learning, that give students the educational tools which will enable them to deal with challenging advancing technologies.

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