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Professional Engineering Institute

Professional Engineering Institute is a separate department under Mumford Institute of Technology. The vision of this department is to train post-graduate engineers with little or no practical Industrial hands on experience. Mumford Institute of Technology has realized that most African Universities offer good Engineering syllabi comparable to those offered in Western world. However, most of these Universities do not have the necessary laboratory equipment to prove the theories propounded in the lecture Halls. Also, most African countries do not have requisite industrial base to absorb and train the new graduates with practicals. Hence, most Engineering graduates end up becoming clerical Engineers. Engineering is a practical profession.

The Professional Engineering Institute (PEI) has the laboratory equipment to expose the graduate to Practical Engineering environment. This institution assumes that the prospective student knows the theory very well. The institute will concentrate on imparting practical hands-on experiments to its students. Hence every course will involve practical experiments.

The vision of Professional Engineering Institute is to actually prepare the graduate to become industrial ready.

We have faculty with several decades of Western industrial and design experience. Additionally , we have faculty with many years of teaching experience to impart real knowledge to our graduates.

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Our office is located at Adenta on Aburi Road.

Telephone number: 0277 600716 / 0233 068 717 / 0243 068 713

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