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  • BSc. (Computer science)
  • BSc. (Physics)
  • BSc. (Mathematics)


Course Outline

Course Description 

Computer Research is profoundly altering our perception of the world via the creation of new applications in science, engineering, and business. This program provides students with the knowledge and abilities they need to contribute to this interesting and quickly expanding industry. Computer Science is our most adaptable curriculum, allowing you to select course units based on your evolving and changing interests. Furthermore, you can specialize in the second and third years by choosing from a wide selection of subjects from throughout the field. You will receive not just knowledge and practical experience of the most recent technology, but also a solid understanding of the subject's fundamental concepts.This combination of abilities allows our graduates to stay up with this fast-paced topic while also securing profitable employment that may be pursued practically anywhere in the world.We are devoted to giving students from all backgrounds the chance to learn the computer science subject. Our program blends solid principles, project- and team-oriented activities, and soft skills to provide a well-rounded professional education


The followings are the objectives of the B. Sc. Computer Science programme

  1. Solve a range of computer problems using algorithmic, mathematical, and scientific reasoning.
  2. Create, appropriately implement, and document solutions to major computational problems.
  3. Analyse and compare alternative computing solutions
  4. Put in place software solutions that fulfil the design and performance specifications.
  5. Collaborate well in teams to create and implement computational problem solutions.
  6. Effectively communicate both verbally and in writing;
  7. Recognize the social and ethical duties of a professional working in the subject.

Bachelor of  Computer Science
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